Consider us your Pizza Farm!?!?  What??

backstory; Our sons built an outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven in our yard several years ago and loved the fun it created, so Bill and Julie decided to build a larger one by the barn for community "guests" . 

invite your family and friends..come and relax...and we will handcraft artisan pizzas for you- they take 2 minutes to bake!! Our pizzas are made with ingredients including our tasty, organically grown veggies.


Hello Good Roots friends! (PIZZA NIGHT UPDATE)
Whew…the summer is slipping away! 6 weddings / 35 events and we have LOVED hosting you. We are grateful and excited at how our beautiful farm is taking shape and that so many people are able to experience and enjoy it. Thanks to the 85+ who attended our first pizza night! 
However, we need to prioritize the remaining infrastructure projects we haven't finished-- primarily do the bulk of the work on the COMMERCIAL KITCHEN . As a result, we made the hard decision to CANCEL the next two planned PIZZA NIGHTS (Aug 27 and Sept 24). Please pass the word to any friends who were planning to attend (or better yet, encourage them to follow us on Facebook if they don’t already). Once this infrastructure is complete we will be able to welcome you out for all sorts of food adventures, with ease. And, of course, pizza nights will continue!!

Here's how it works: You come, park in the barnyard,  bring your own plates, drinks, lawn chairs (or blankets?) cutlery, lawn games...and we will build the pizza you order,  box them, and you sit wherever you like in the  backyard to savor , relax and enjoy the farm.