We Grow Pizzas!

Call us a Pizza Farm if you like. We host Summer Sunday Pizza Nights for the public the last Sunday of June, July, Aug and Sept. Pizzas are assembled in our commercial kitchen and baked in the outdoor wood-fired oven. We do pizzas, rain or shine. We'll open the barn if the weather is uncooperative.

How it works:

 All you do is show up with a chair / table / blanket, your drink of choice (beer and wine are fine-no underage drinking/must be 21) , and your own dining supplies. Come to the east window of the Kitchen , next to the barn.  Select your toppings from the menu board, pay, and collect your pizza at the oven when it's ready.


Our pizzas are handcrafted. We harvest from our chemical-free gardens for many of the savory toppings : onions, peppers, squash, spinach, Sungold tomatoes, eggplant, basil. 5:30-8 pm..

We welcome local musicians who want to come out and play during pizza events. Contact us!


It's your party! Feel free to bring board games / yard games.  Watch your kids- we are unable to do so.  Keep your shoes on. Farms can have things that can hurt your feet. Leave your pooch at home; Our chickens are grateful.  Smoking is allowed only in the designated area next door to the barn. Like us on FB to keep current on surprises!

We also invite you check out our "event venue" page for your weddings, reunions, corporate meetings and parties as well as our "pizza nights" page for a fun summer evening on the farm. Please keep your eye on your kids. We are unable to do so. Refrain from going barefoot as there are many things on a farm that can hurt your feet. Please leave your dog at home; Our chickens will be grateful. Thanks.